Today we are wishing a Happy Birthday to Selah Marley. Selah is not your average NYU college student, she recently modeled for Yeezy, Calvin Klein and Gucci. In between class and casting calls she came by the HoM New York office to talk about what she’s listening to and how she stays creative and balances her life with school, music, fashion and family.

HOM: First off, tell us what music you are listening to right now? Selah Marley: I’m one of those people who likes to listen to the same 5 songs for 10 years. (Laughs) So right now I’m listening to PartyNextDoor 3, and I’m in love with the Rae Sremmurd song “Look Alive”. I also have my own song which is called “Star”. I also like Blonde; the Frank Ocean Album, you have to be in a certain mood. It’s kind of like a story. And I’m always listening to Drake.

HOM: How was New York Fashion Week? Was it your first time being so active in the space and walking in shows? Selah Marley: Yeah it is, well I stared modeling when I was like 12. And kind of took a break and I started doing it again last winter. Since then I have been doing a lot of things, but ever since I walked for Yeezy and worked with Gucci in Vogue, I’ve just been on a roll. I also did this thing with Carine Roitfeld for CR Fashion Book which also just dropped. I’ve been doing a lot of cool stuff.

I haven’t been so much involved in fashion week as I have been with shooting. I only walked once for Yeezy, but I really thought it was cool and would like to continue to walk. Even though I’m only 5’3. Like if you see the video it’s just “Tall, Tall, Tall – Boop!…..Me” (Laughs)